2015 International Summer School

We invite all students interested in the ideas of liberty to participate at the 2015 International Summer School „Classical Liberalism in Philosophy, Economics and Politics“ organized jointly by the CEVRO Institute [school of legal and social studies] ,  Ohio...
13. 07. 2015 | Events

Policy paper: The Czech Republic in Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU: Audit and Perspectives

The Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations of the CEVRO Institute (PCTR) realized, with the support of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic , in 2014 the project „The Czech Republic in Common Security and Defense Policy of the EU between the Past and the...
15. 04. 2015 | News

Club meeting with Alexander Duleba (Magda Vasaryova’s Guest)

On 16th April 2015, the Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations (PCTR) organized a special public Club meeting. A guest of the seminar was the Honorary Foreign Policy Adviser to President of the Slovak Republic, director of the Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association and...
16. 04. 2015 | Events

Grexit: When Greece leaves the Eurozone?

The Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations  of the CEVRO Institute organized a public debate entitled  „Grexit: When Greece leaves the Eurozone? “ , which took place on 9 th  April. The main speakers of the event were  Lenka Zlamalova  (journalist, ECHO24),  Petr Robejsek  (political...
09. 04. 2015 | Events

Public Lecture: The Iranian Regime as a Threat for the World Security

The public lecture entitled "The Iranian Regime as a Threat for World Security” took place on 23 rd April at the CEVRO Institute. The main speaker was the former Iranian diplomat and current representative for National Council of Resistence of Iran (NCRI) in Northern Europe Perviz S. Khazai....
23. 04. 2015 | Events

Club Meeting with Stefan Füle

On 2 nd April 2015, a Czech diplomat and politician Stefan Füle * was a guest of the PCTR Club meeting entitled “Ukraine between East and West” . Thanks to the “Chatham house” rule, Mr. Füle spoke openly and his remarks were followed by a very interesting discussion. As usual, the PCTR...
02. 04. 2015 | Events

Yaron Brook: Capitalism Without Guilt - The Moral Case for Freedom

CEVRO Institute Academic Forum is hosting: Yaron Brook (Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute): “Capitalism Without Guilt: The Moral Case for Freedom”
24. 04. 2015 | Events

PTCR director A. Vondra and his meeting with the White House Fellows

On 11 th March, the director of the Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations (PTCR) Dr. Alexandr Vondra met with young talented personalities from the United States of America, who are members of the White House Fellows Program.
11. 03. 2015 | News

NPPE—New Perspectives on Political Economy

New Perspectives on Political Economy , vol. 10, no. 1 now on-line featuring   Jan Winiecki:  Lessons From Developmental Strategies Over The Last Hundred Years  Daniil Gorbatenko:  Austrian Business Cycle Theory Without Unrealistic Constructs  Ivan Jankovic:...
11. 03. 2015 | News

Prague Conference on Political Economy 2015

PCPE—Prague Conference on Political Economy 2015 April 17-19 2015   Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture -  will be given by William White , the chairman of the Economic Development and Review Committee (EDRC) at the OECD in Paris and former member of the Executive Committee...
17. 04. 2015 | Events