EUROPINION 2009 – discussion of candidates to the European Parliament

CEVRO Institut College in cooperation with Analyst Centre hold a conference, which takes place on 11 May 2009 at 1:30 p.m. The aim of the conference is to present the work of the Czech members of the Parliament of the European Union to public. The leaders of the major political...
11. 05. 2009 | News

Life with Gipsy People - a seminar

CEVRO Institute, the Departmetn of Applied Disciplines has the pleasure to invite you to the seminar.
21. 05. 2009 | Events

Student Conference - 20 Years of Freedom

CEVRO Institute students coridally invite you to attend the first student conference titled 20 Years of Freedom
13. 05. 2009 | Events

Conference: Corruption in the perspective of heory and practice

CEVRO Institute College with the support from the Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung held the conference called "Corruption in the perspective of theory and practice on Wednesday, 29 April 2009.
29. 04. 2009

20 Years of Free Foreign Policy - Eduard Kukan

CEVRO Institute has the pleasure to invite you to the first meeting of the cycle "20 years of Freedom, 10 years of CEVRO"
04. 05. 2009

Integrated Security of the Czech Republic and Steps Taken to Achieve It at the Level of Municipalities and Regions

CEVRO Institute College would like to invite you to the conference, which is dealing with the issue of integrated security system in relation to self-governing entities. The conference is held under the auspices of: Association of Regions of the Czech Republic Michal Hašek,...
07. 05. 2009 | Events

The Prague Summer Lecture: Ethics of Freedom

In the CEVRO Institut premises the Prague Summer Lecture was held on 24 April. The lecture was organized by Liberal Institut and CEVRO Institut. The aim of the lecture was to present the book by Murray Rothbard - Ethics of Liberty, which has recently come out in the Czech Republic in Czech....
28. 04. 2009 | News

Study at the parnter university in Sweden from the autumn 2009

We have the pleasure to inform you that CEVRO Institute College has established a parntership with Umea University in Sweden. This university belongs among the leading Swedish universities. From the winter term of the 2009/2010 academic year CEVRO Institute students have the chance to...
28. 04. 2009

Lecture by gen. Šedivý: "Ten Years of the Czech Republic in NATO: Are We a Reliable Ally?"

Lecture by gen. Šedivý: CEVRO Institute College, Department of Political Science and International Relations has the pleasure to invite you to the lecture "Ten Years in NATO: Are We a Reliable Ally", which takes place on 31.March 2009, at 3.p.m. The lecture is given by gen. Jiří Šedivý, former Chief of General Staff...
31. 03. 2009 | News

Political science conference: Christian and liberal-conservative parties in Central Europe

Political science conference: Christian and liberal-conservative parties in Central Europe CEVRO in cooperation with International Institute of Political Science of Masaryk University , Civic Institute and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung organized a conference on 19 March 2009. Its aim was to reflect right-wing parties in Central Europe at the beginning of the period, in which...
19. 03. 2009 | News