History of PCPE

History of PCPE

The Prague Confeence on Political Economy—as an international and interdisciplinary gathering of scholars—has been organized in Prague since 2005, originally by the Liberalni Institute and Faculty of Economics, University of Economics. In 2007, newly established CEVRO Institute joined the group of organizing institutions. Since 2010, CEVRO Institute [school of social and legal studies] has become the main organizer and the whole conference takes place in its beautiful facility.

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  • PCPE 2013 Bratislava Austrian Economic Summit          
  • PCPE 2012 Guido Calabresi's 80th Birthday Conference        
  • PCPE 2011 Peter Boettke (GMU), Terry Anderson (Hoover Institution)        
  • PCPE 2010 Richard Epstein (University of Chicago), Gerald Steele (Lancaster University)        
  • PCPE 2005-2009


Svetozar Pejovich (Texas A&M University): From Socialism to Socialism: A Property Rights Analysis of the Transition in Europe
Hans-Hermann Hoppe (University of Nevada): "The Yield from Money Held" Reconsidered


Bruno Frey (University of Zurich): What Can We Learn from Happiness Research
Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola University Maryland) : Austrian Political Economy and Industrial Organization


Boudewijn Bouckaert (Gent University): Hayek in China
Richard Ebeling (Foundation for Economic Education): Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom


Robert Higgs (The Independent Review): Crisis and Leviathan: The Trick that Works Every Time
Jesus Huerta de Soto (King Juan Carlos University): The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency


Samuel Bostaph (University of Dallas): Friedrich von Wiesers' Theory of Socialism: A Magnificent Failure
Jörg Guido Hülsmann (University of Anger): The Political Economy of Moral Hazard