CALL FOR PAPERS: Conference Albín Bráf: The Politician, Economist and His Era

The joint department of the CEVRO Institute [school of legal and social studies] and the Masaryk Institute and Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is calling an international science conference for 20 - 22nd September 2012.

The Centre for Central European Studies is a new joint department of CEVRO Institute [school of legal and social studies] and Masaryk’s Institute and the Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Its aim is to play an active role in the field of effective basic and applied research and in carrying out scientific research projects. Regular meetings with scientists from various disciplines of social sciences, especially at conferences, are to form an integral part of the Centre’s pursuits.

We focus primarily on Central Europe from the interdisciplinary perspective, in which history, economics, sociology and political and legal sciences play the key roles. Our main objective is to study the transformations in the region, as perceived in terms of time, methodologies and themes. The subject matters we seek to cover in our work need to encompass both these aspects, i.e. be suitable for an interdisciplinary approach and Central European in their essence. Albín Bráf fulfils both these requirements.

This year marks a hundred years since the death of Bráf, who went down in history not only as an economist, politician and an MP but also as an important actor in the Czech national movement. He lived and worked at a time when the Czech Lands were part of the Habsburg Monarchy and he influenced its cultural, political and scientific life. Bráf was a deputy at the Imperial Diet, a minister within the Austrian government, a professor at the Prague University, and one of the founders of Czech economic thinking. He also played a significant part in building civil society in the Czech lands. His reach in these areas was truly Central-European and he kept on friendly terms with prominent figures of the time.

In order to commemorate the work and life of Albín Bráf and the time during which he lived, the Centre for Central European Studies is calling an international conference for the 20 - 22nd September 2012. We are honoured that Prof. Cathrine Albrecht, Dean of Faculty of Arts, Northern University Ohio, has agreed to present the main conference paper. Prof. Albrecht has carried out extensive research into Czech economic thinking and she has repeatedly explored the topics of Albín Bráf and his work.

We invite all interested parties to participate in this conference by presenting a paper which will fit one of these four themes:

  • Albin Braf and his era from the constitutional, economic, social and cultural points of view
  • Albin Braf as a founder of Czech economic thinking and education system and his successors
  • Albin Braf as a politician, deputy & minister
  • The other life of Albin Braf

Paper submission procedure: Please submit abstracts of your papers to The deadline for submission is
June 15, 2012 (in either Czech or English as the conference will be held in these two languages).


Conference fee: A discounted early registration fee of 1,000 CZK (40 EUR, 70 USD) is available until the 31st July 2012, the full conference fee of 1.500 CZK (60 EUR, 105 USD) applies to registrations made after this date. The fee includes a contribution towards the organisation of the conference, the opening and closing receptions, refreshments during the conference and a cultural programme for the participants.


Account number:

2261283001/5500 (Raiffeisenbank)


IBAN: CZ3455000000002261283001

Account no.: 2261283001

Please, as the message for the recipient state password Braf and your name.

Example: Braf/Albin Braf



If requested, accommodation will be arranged for participants from abroad.

In case of any queries please do not hesitate to email us at

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