Friday, March 17  (open to public)
3:00—4:00 pm Registration (Jungmannova 17, Prague 1)
4:00—4:15 pm Opening by Josef Šíma (CEVRO Institute)
4:15—5:00 pm

Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture

Bruce Caldwell (Duke University):  TBA

5:00—5:15 pm

Remarks: Students for Liberty 

5:15—6:00 pm

Franz Cuhel Memorial Lecture


6:00—6:15 pm


The Fund for American Studies by Matthew Kwasiborski

7:00—10:00 pm Welcome Dinner (for participants with "full fee package"
Saturday, March 18  (For registered participants only)
9:00—10:30 am

Sessions I

11:00—12:30 pm

Sessions II

2:00—3:30 pm

Plenary Session 

4:00—5:30 pm

Sessions III



Sunday, March 19  
Optional: Tour of the historical center of Prague


List of Sessions

  • New  Directions in the Austrian School of Economics
  • Selected Issues in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) 
  • Money and Monetary (mis)Management
  • Economic Development
  • History of Thought
  • Anarcho-Capitalism and its Challenges
  • Liberty and Its Its Enemies
  • Entrepreneurship and Inovation
  • Transition and Problems of Democracy
  • ....feel free to suggest a new session