Friday, April 22   
3:00—4:00 pm Registration (Jungmannova 17, Prague 1)
4:00—4:15 pm Opening by Josef Šíma (CEVRO Institute)
4:15—5:00 pm

Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture

Mark Pennington (King's College):  Why Most Things Should Probably Be For Sale

5:00—5:15 pm

Remarks: Students for Liberty 

5:15—6:00 pm

Franz Cuhel Memorial Lecture

Benjamin Powell (Texas Tech): Migration, Economic Calculation, and the European Situation

6:00—6:15 pm


The Fund for American Studies by Matthew Kwasiborski

7:00—10:00 pm Welcome Dinner (for participants with "full fee package"
Saturday, April 23 (For regiestered participants only)  
9:00—10:30 am

Sessions I

A:Economic Theory and Economic Development
B: History of Thought
C: Anarcho-Capitalism and its Challenges

11:00—12:30 pm

Sessions II

A: Austrian School
B: Entrepreneurship and Inovation
C: Redistribution, Transition and Problems of Democracy

2:00—3:30 pm


Plenary Session on New Paternalism

Mario Rizzo: The Four Pillars of New Paternalism

Comments: Pascal Salin

4:00—5:30 pm

Sessions III

A: History, Law and Philosophy
B: Money and Booms&Busts
C: Family and Discrimination

6:00—10:00 pm

Afterparty  European Students For Liberty

Sunday, April 24  
Optional: Tour of the historical center of Prague


List of Sessions

Austrian School

Pascal Salin (France): Why Hayek is right against Keynes

Alicja Sielska (Wroclaw University, Poland): The problem of immigration - Austrian Point of View

Anthony J. Evans (ESCP Europe Business School, UK): Choose your own financial crisis

Economic Theory and Economic Development

Judit Kapas (University of Debrecen): Individual Values: An Amplified Effect on Economic Development

Christian Schneider (King Juan Carlos University, Madrid): Crusoe’s Broken Window

Ágnes Orosz (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Income inequality and the welfare state

Entrepreneurship and Inovation

Jiří Schwarz (Charles University, Prague): Patents: A Means to Innovation or Strategic Ends?

Chhay Lin (University College Dublin): A philosophical investigation into seasteading as a means to discover better forms of social organization

Przemysław Rapka (University of Economics in Katowice, Poland): Information, entrepreneurship and efficiency

History, Law and Philosophy

Butler Shaffer (Southwestern University Law School, US): The Marginal Utility of an Individual

Lukas Nikodym (University of Economics, Prague): The Mistaken Doctrine of Common Law: A Critique

Beatriz Salamanca (University College London, UK): Early Modern Controversies of Mobility within the Spanish Empire: Francisco de Vitoria and the Peaceful Right to Travel

Money and Booms&Busts

Sarah Kharsa (University of Balamand, Lebanon): Cryptocurrencies in Lebanon: the Tradeoff between Risk and Innovation

Jakub Čaloun (Durham University, UK): Redefining Money: The Impact of Cryptocurrencies

Pavel Ryska (Charles University, Czech Republic): Deflation across Sectors: Preliminary Results for the Czech Republic

Anarcho-Capitalism and its Challenges

Youliy Ninov (Independent Scholar, Germany): A Free Market Alternative to Anarcho-Capitalism

Tim Haffner (Swiss Management Center University): Pirates and Private Production of Defense

Omer F. Baris  (Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan): The Monopoly Theory of the State

History of Thought

Magdalena Modrzejewska (Jagiellonian University,Kraków): Private property and individualism – two pillars of Individual anarchism in 19th century America

Tomas Nikodym (University of Economics, Prague): Antonín Basch: The Last Czechoslovak Liberal

Matus Petrik (European Central Bank  - ECB): Václav Klaus as a Self-Proclaimed „Austrian Economist“ Demystified

Redistribution, Transition and Problems of Democracy

Sergei Zhavoronkov (Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, Moscow), Kirill Rodionov (Financial Research Institute): Nanny State: few notes on origin and political machine

Pál Czeglédi (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Classical liberalism, democracy, and economic growth: a hypothesis about the Lipset hypothesis

Josef Montag (Mendel University, Czech Rep.): Homeownership and Labour Market Outcomes in Transition Economies

Family and Discrimination

Stephen K Baskerville (Patrick Henry College, US):  Political Economy of the Crisis of Family and Sexuality

Pavol  Minarik (CEVRO Institute, Czech Republic): Economics of burial: A preliminary inquiry

TBC: Mehmet Sedat Ugur (Universita degli studi di Perugia, Italy): Is Growth a Sufficient Element on Poverty Reduction?