Summer schools


CEVRO Institute and Florida State University annually organize a summer school - usually held in June. Teachers from both institutions take part in lectures. The courses include topics on  “The Emerging Democracies of Central Europe“ or „The European Union in Central Europe“.


Since 2012 CEVRO Institute and Ohio University have organized an  International Summer School „Classical Liberalism in Philosophy, Economics and Politics“. Over 30 U.S. and European undergraduate and graduate students participate, regardless of their major, who are interested in broadening and deepening their knowledge of classical liberalism and the fundamentals of the free market. Sessions and debates will focus on topics covering political philosphy, history, economics, and economic policy such as A Brief History of Classical Liberal Economic Thought; The Origins of American Economic Exceptionalism; The Debacle of Current European Policies; Classical Liberalism and the Austrian School of Economics or Justice and Inequality.