Foreign Speakers Gallery

Academic Speakers


Prof. Dr Pierpaolo Marano
(Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Milan)


Terry A. Anderson
(Hoover Institution—Stanford University, USA)   
Wieser Memorial Lecture

Peter Boettke
(George Mason University, USA)
Robust Political Economy for 21st Century       

Juan Braun
(Harvard University, USA)
(Charles University, Czech Republic)                

Guido Calabresi
(Yale University and Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, USA)
The Place of Torts in Law and Economics:
The Significance of the Liability Rule

Enrico Colombato
(Università di Torino, Italy)
A free-market view on accidents and torts       

Jesús Huerta de Soto
(Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain)  
The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency                 

Fulvio di Blasi
(University of Notre Dame, Thomas International, USA)

David M. Driesen
(Syracuse University, USA)
The Economic Dynamics of Law

Richard A. Epstein
(University of Chicago, USA)
Law in the hands of politicians

David Friedman
(Santa Clara University, USA)

Marc Geistfeld
(New York University, USA)
Risk Distribution in the Law of Torts: Carrying Calabresi Further

Bogdan Glavan
(Romanian-American University, Romania)

James Hackney
(Northeastern University, USA)
Guido Calabresi and the Construction of Contemporary American Legal Theory

Hans-Hermann Hoppe
(University of Nevada, USA)

Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad (LL.M. Harvard) (Director of Center for Law and Policy, University of Management and Technology, Johar Town, Pakistan)
(Editor-in-chief of Law and Policy Review)

Laura Kalman
(University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)
Some Thoughts on Yale and Guido

Peter G. Klein
(University of Missoury-Columbia, USA)
Should Government Promote Entrepreneurship?

Roderick Long
(Auburn University, USA)

Frank M. Machovec
(Wofford College, USA)

Timothy T. Terrell
(Wofford College, USA)

Steven Madema
(University of Colorado, Denver, USA)
Juris Prudence: Calabresi's Uneasy Relationship with the Coase Theorem

Alain Marciano
(Université de Montpellier 1, France)

Daniel J. Mitchell
(Cato Institute, USA)
Abolishing the flat tax: a wrong response to the crisis

Svetozar Pejovich
(Texas A&M University, USA)
From Socialism to Socialism: A property Rights Analysis of the Transition in Europe

Giovanni B. Ramello
(Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy)

David Schmidtz
(University of Arizona, USA)
Hayek on Justice

Gerald Steele
(Lancaster university, UK)
Cuhel Memorial Lecture

Edward P. Stringham
(Fayetteville State University, USA)
Does the Emergence of a Stock Market Require Government Enforcement of Laws Against Fraud?

Aviezer Tucker
(Queen's University, Belfast, UK)

W. Kip Viscusi
(Vanderbilt University, USA)
W. Kip Viscusi & Joni Hersch: Assessing the Insurance Role of Tort Liability after Calabresi

Non-Academic Speakers

Hugh Bayley
(President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, United Kingdom)

Julio Miranda Calha
(Vice-President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Portugal)

Lars S. Christensen
(Co-founder and CEO of Saxo Bank, Denmark)
In Defense Of Capitalism—How Our Freedom And Future Is Threatened By The Expansion Of Government

Arthur Finkelstein
(A specialist in political campaigns, USA)
Political campaigns in the 21st Century

Scott L. Klug
(Republican politician, ex-member of the US House of Representatives, USA)

Karl A. Lamers
(Vice-President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Germany)

Lawrence LaRocco
(Democratic politician, ex-member of the US House of Representatives, USA)

Yaakov Levy
(Ambassador of Israel in the Czech Republic)
Current position of Israel

Ashley T. Lenihan
(Senior Fellow, Legatum Institute, UK)

Lukas Reimann
(MP, Switzerland, Gold Initiative)                                         

Petr Robejšek
(Adviser for strategic issues, Germany, Czech Republic)

Jamie Shea
(Director of Policy Planning in the Private Office of the Secretary General at NATO Headquarters, Belgium)

Magda Vášáryová
(Slovak diplomat)