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CEVRO's international students during the COVID-19 time. Here is Jorge Alvarez Fuentes from Spain and his short video about what it amounts to:



Comments on school; Erasmus Students

1/ Alex, France
"I chose Prague because it was something very unknown for me and I really wanted to improve my English! I don't regret my choice! It was probably the best decision I have ever made! Cevro Institut is a wonderful place for studying and Prague is a perfect medium-size city to live. Also, I´ve met a lot of good mates! I just recommend it for everyone!"

2/ Elena, Romania/Germany
"I chose Prague especially for its atmosphere and the great nightlife and I was even more surprised that it had much more to offer: A great small university that encouraged the interaction between students, tons of great new people from all over the world and last but not least, great buddies, who helped me out whenever I needed them. I recommend the university for its interesting courses and very helpful professors and students as well as the city itself for a great Erasmus time."

3/ Mehmetcan, Turkey
"I chose Cevro Institute because Prague is the center of Europe and I was really curious about European life style. The school is small but it has a lot of technologic equipment. It is located in the very centre of Prague. Teachers are experts in their fields. Most of the students were really helpful, smart and nice especially Anna and Michael :) And my message for boys: When you come here, you will see lots of amazing girls :)."

4/ Tina, China
"My time here at Cevro Institute has been incredible. This has definitely been one of the best semesters I've had. I met many friends from different countries, delved into the rich academic experience with an open mind and travelled to many places in Europe. I enjoyed every minute in Prague. I have also gained knowledge of local pubs and student life outside of China, something I thought I would never grow to understand. And I am blessed I have had this opportunity and have met everyone I did. If you have chance to study here in Prague, do it. You will enjoy!"

5/ Elsa, France
"I really enjoyed doing my Erasmus in Prague and especially at the Cevro Institut. Prague is an amazing city, it's beautiful and the night life is quite good too. It was a good opportunity to study there and it was a great experience which I strongly recommend to everyone!"

6/ Melody, China
"I´ve really enjoyed the time in Prague. The city is beautiful, the life here is amazing. The school is great and the buddies are very patient and helpful!"

7/ Kutsi, Turkey
"I choose the Cevro Institut because I wanted to go to Prague. It is an amazing city, truly historical place. Every street, square, building is a piece of art. I think Prague is the best city for Erasmus. And The Cevro Institut? They were always so kind. Our buddies were always helpful and they made events for us. Prague's pubs and Erasmus events were amazing. This city is like a heaven for Erasmus students. You can find a lot of Erasmus events everyday. In the summer, The Old Town Square is amazing - this spot is like a carnival place. And Czech girls beautifulJ. And my last sentence: If you want to travel and see great part of world, you should choose Prague, because this city is centre of the Europe."

Kaan, Turkey
"It was a great experience from every perspective for me. I had the most qualified teachers and the most understanding friends during my education period in Cevro Institute. I'm absolutely sure that I did the best thing of my life by choosing Prague, and Cevro Institute. Thus, I strongly recommend Prague, and Cevro Institute to everyone who wants to participate in an exchange program."


1/ Andrea, China

"I wanted to study in Europe. And Prague is well known as a beautiful city. I would recommend other students to come because professors and students are quite friendly here, the courses are good and Prague is really pretty."

2/ Sherry, China

"I choose CEVRO Institut because Prague is one of the places I have dreamed to go most J The school is small but well-equipped. It makes me feel at home, as both professors and students are kind and enthusiastic. If you decide to study at CEVRO you will find there interesting and knowledgeable professors together with friendly and outgoing classmates. If I should sum up my experience in three words it would be: unforgettable, interesting, fairy-tale."

3/ Niclas, Sweden

"I chose CEVRO Institute because I really wanted to experience Prague. I did not know that much about the school so it was because of Prague."

4/ Martynas, Lithuania

"I like school very much. It is very modern and cosy at the same time. Also staff members that I had a chance to talk to were really nice. Most of the courses are good and quality. Lecturers are experts in their fields. Most of the students were really helpful and nice. For me, Prague means rich culture, nice people and crazy night life. Experience everything!"

5/ Caroline, Sweden

"I am SO happy that i went to Prague. It has been a great experience and I've met wonderful people that I will remember forever. I think it's very true what Kafka says, Prague has claws and when you come here you'll never want to leave."

6/ Katarzyna, Poland

"If you don’t know what to choose for Erasmus destination, Don’t hesitate!!! Choose Prague. This city will be really great choice for everyone. School is really great, very modern. Professors are well-trained specialists. The localization is perfect you can get there very easy. Around of CEVRO is everything a lot of shops, pubs, during a break you can go somewhere for great beerJ. Students from CEVRO are friendly and helpful."

7/ David, Spain

"The professors are nice. The university is well located. But without a doubt, the best are the students. The atmosphere created in The CEVRO Institut is amazing."

8/ Anita, Germany

"I had a great time in Prague! In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful cities in in autumn and it's really worth to come here! I really appreciated the small lectures in the CEVRO Institut, which gave somehow a feeling of "familiarity" and improved the communication with the teacher and the students. We have been only 10 foreign students and I really appreciated that because we spent most of the time together and had a great chance to get to know each other better. I enjoyed every minute in Prague!"

9/ Maria, Sweden

"To study in Prague is the best decision I've ever made. The city is fantastic, there is always something new to discover and you’ll never get tired of it – it’s simply beautiful. It really has been an enriching experience to study here, and CEVRO Institut is nice as well. You have a lot of free days to really make the most of your stay here. Also it’s conveniently located right in the city centre. I especially liked taking the course “U.S. foreign policy” which really was interesting, and also the professor was knowledgeable and fun. The reading materials for all of the courses was smoothly handled to you through a website, which was great for me who is used to having to buy expensive literature to be able to pass the exams. So if you're thinking about studying in Prague, do it! You won't regret yourself."