PPE & International Politics

PPE Master’s program Offers

  • A highly demanded, Oxford-style interdisciplinary and international PPE Master’s degree focused on the intersection of the fields of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
  • International faculty lead by directors of first-class U.S. PPE programs at Duke University (Michael Munger) and George Mason University (Peter Boettke)
  • Small classes and tutorials of peer-to-peer character that put emphasis on progress and performance of individual students. 
  • The possibility to get the degree in one year (three trimesters) 
  • The platform to critically asses and analyze political and economic problems faced by modern societies and its philosophical underpinnings.
  • Complex and systematic education pointing out the importance of concepts that are the cornerstones of Western civilization such as individual freedom, private property, market economy and the rule of law.
  • A unique focus on cases of political and economic reforms and systemic changes in societies around the world in order to appreciate the importance of practical application of theoretical knowledge.
  • A choice of several minor specializations such as Studies of Transition,  Austrian Economics, Behavioral Policy Making, or International Politics enabling students to tailor-make their professional profile according to their area of interest.
  • A wide selection of scholarships, international internships and study-abroad opportunities.

What Is Required?

  • An interest in the fields of Philosophy, Politics and Economics and an undergraduate degree from a related discipline (which may include also history, sociology or marketing)
  • Filled application form
  • A letter of motivation showing your determination and interest in our PPE Master’s program
  • A transcript of English language exam (for nonnative speakers)
  • Signed Study Contract
  • Payment of the tuition fee

Core Courses

  • Great Thinkers in Political and Economic Thought
  • Selected Issues in Political Philosophy
  • Economics and Politics of Institutions
  • Economics
  • Money, Banking, and the Financial System
  • Law and Economics of Property Rights
  • Individual and Collective Decisions
  • Social Research and Scientific Methods 
  • Political Economy of the EU
  • Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics


Students who take a package of at least four specific electives in addition to the obligatory courses can obtain a minor specialization (a sample of courses below). A long list of visiting international faculty will participate in offering a growing number of specialized courses for each track or supervise thesis. The list includes scholars from different countries such as Stefan Kolev (Zwickau University, Germany), Judit Kapas (University of Debrecen, Hungary), Mateusz Machaj (Wroclaw University, Poland), Andreas Hoffmann (Leipzig  University, Germany), Philipp Bagus (Juan Carlos University, Spain), Katarina Zajc (Ljubljana University, Slovenia), Guido Hulsmann (Angers University, France), Bogdan Glavan (Romanian American University, Romania).

Track: International Politics

A specialization focusing on economic, political and security challenges in contemporary international relations.

  • International Politics and Diplomacy
  • Developing Countries of the Global South in International Relations 
  • Conflicts Regions in the Current World 
  • Asia in International Relations

Where Can I find a Job with PPE Degree?

  • Politics (PPE is very popular among policy-makers, David Cameron, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, or Tony Abbott, the former Prime Minister of Australia, studied PPE) 
  • Banking and Finance
  • Journalism
  • Business Management and Consultancy
  • Civil and Diplomatic Services
  • A good foundation for a Ph.D. program 

International Faculty

Michael Munger 
Professor of Economics and Political Science;  Director of Duke University PPE program and Chairman of CEVRO Institute’s PPE International Academic Board 

Alexander Vondra
Director, Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations; former Ambassador to the US

Tomáš Pojar
Vice-President of CEVRO Institute; former Ambassador to Israel

Amichai Magen
Head of Diplomacy and Conflict Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya

Peter Boettke 
Professor of Economics and Philosophy; Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at GMU; Director of Austrian School Specialization; 

David Schmidtz 
Professor of Philosophy, Director of Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona, and editor of Social Philosophy and Policy. 

Boudewijn Bouckaert 
Professor of Law, former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ghent

Mojmír Hampl
Former Vice-governor, Czech National Bank

Josef Šíma
Professor of Economics; Director of PPE program 

...complete list of international faculty

Program Structure in Detail