Message from the President


Josef ŠímaDear friends and colleagues,

CEVRO, a public policy and educational think-tank, has been growing rapidly since its founding in 1999.  In 2005, CEVRO established a college CEVRO Institute. This small and student-oriented university prides itself on providing an elite education in social sciences. Our accredited programs focus on bachelor’s and master’s degrees in  economics and business, political economy, political science, international relations, public administration, business law, management and security studies. Within these programs students familiarize themselves with a broad range of relevant subjects, including economics, sociology, political philosophy, law, and modern methods of management and marketing. Practical courses are reinforced with theory-oriented courses, and students have the opportunity to choose a wide range of electives. Through our study abroad program, foreign students enrich our classes with their differing life experience and perspectives. International students will also greatly benefit from the fact, that in the fall of 2016 the school has launched - as the first university in the country -  a unique PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics)  program taught in English with international faculty both from EU and US. In 2020 the school is starting a new, fully accredited BA program devoted to Economics, Business and Politics also taught entirely in English.

CEVRO Institute seeks to be extraordinary. We are proud that our university is private and have created an academic community where students get individual attention from professors. We deliver a quality education to our students. An emphasis on freedom, markets, and rule of law is a part of our education.

We are proud of our graduates! They know the university's qualities and seek to help further the university's development through our alumni association. Our classes are conducted in the former Association of the Czech Bourgeois (Měšťanská beseda), a beautiful and historic building in the center of Prague.

CEVRO Institute strives to enlighten and contribute to the betterment of society. Our university is a way for us to share knowledge and prepare the next generation for leadership and civic engagement. 

Your president,
Josef Šíma