PCPE 2015

The first keynote address - Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture -  will be given by William White, the chairman of the Economic Development and Review Committee (EDRC) at the OECD in Paris and former member of the Executive Committee which manages the Bank for International Settlements.  Mr. White is known for his critical views of the mainstream approaches to understanding financial crisis and contemporary monetary policies.

The second keynote address - Franc Cuhel Memorial Lecture - will be given by Michael Wohlgemuth, an economist and Director of Open Europe Berlin and  Professor of Political Economy at the University of Witten/Herdecke. Wohlgemuth has been Professor of International Governance at the University in Bayreuth, Managing Research Associate at the Walter Eucken Institut (Freiburg), Research Fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Economics in Jena, Affiliate Assistant Professor at George Mason University and New York University and “Friedrich August von Hayek-Professor” at the University of Innsbruck. Main Research areas and publications in the fields of New Institutional Economics, Austrian Economics, Public Choice Theory, and the History of Ideas. Policy recommendations mainly in the field of European integration.