Recognition of Education

Only public universities ( are competent to nostrificate a foreign university diploma and the university which provides a similar study programme is competent to decide the nostrification request.

If there is no university providing such a programme, the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic should make a decision about the relevant university or it can decide about the nostrification on its own. The Ministry has 30 days (from the day when it received the appeal) for a final decision. This period may be prolonged up to 60 days; however, the Ministry is at present not able to make the decision during this period because it is overloaded with the applications for nostrifications.

For detailed information on the process of nostrification, you are recommended to view the website of Multikulturní centrum Praha.

For further information please consult the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic the list of public higher education institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

The following documents are required for the recognition of your Bachelor’s Diploma:
  1. certified copy of the relevant diploma
  2. certified copy of the diploma supplement, or a transcript of records
  3. certified Czech/English translation of the diploma and diploma supplement (by a court-sworn translator); English diplomas usually do not need to be translated
  4. completed application form (available at