Research Scholarship Opportunities

A list of resident research scholarships obtained and universities and research centers visited by CEVRO Institute's PPE students.

Friends of CEVRO Scholarships

Texas Tech University - Free-Market Institute

  • 2017 Casey Pender 
  • 2018 Don Lim, Brett Anderson, Donovan Choy

Duquesne University

  • 2017 Anthony Hennen

University of Pennsylvania - Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences program

  • 2018 Isotta Bellia

Other Funding Sources

American Institute of Economic Research

  • 2017 Sven Schutt, Casey Pender, Rok Novak
  • 2018  Lex van den Eersten, Don Lim, Donovan Choy

GMU - Mercatus Center  Smith/Bastiat Fellowships

  • 2017 Rok Novak