Friday, April 26  (open to public)
2:30—3:15 pm Registration (Jungmannova 17, Prague 1)
3:15—3:30 pm Opening by Josef Šíma (CEVRO Institute)
3:30—4:30 pm

Franz Cuhel Memorial Lecture

Randall Holcombe (Florida State University):  Political Capitalism 

4:30—4:45 pm PPE/Kolev Award Ceremony
4:45—5:45 pm

Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture

David Emanuel Andersson (RMIT University Vietnam): In Defense of Knightian Entrepreneurship Theory

5:45—6:00 pm

Concluding Remarks

6:30—10:00 pm Welcome Dinner (for participants with "full fee package"
Saturday, April 27  (For registered participants only)
9:00—10:30 am

Sessions I

A: Anarchism, Minarchism
B: Economic Policies
C: Inequality

11:00—12:30 pm

Sessions II

A: F. A. Hayek, Spontanneous Order and Socialism
B: Economic Development

2:00—3:30 pm

Sessions III

A: Austrian School
B: Money&Finance
C: Law-and-Economics

4:00—5:30 pm

Sessions IV

A: History of Ideas
B: Special Interests and Social Norms
C: Politics, Voting, Governance

PCPE2019 Brochure


List of Sessions

History of Ideas

Marcin Chmielowski (ASBiRO Academy): The relation between science and ideology in the thought of the main representatives of the Cracow School of Economics

Lucas Freire (Mackenzie Center for Economic Freedom): Anti-Rationalist Liberalism and Dutch Anti-Revolutionary Political Thought


Austrian School

Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo (Ashford University): Two Kinds of Economics: An Examination of the Theory and Politics in Austrian Economics

Roderick Long (Auburn University): Austro-Libertarian Themes in Three Prague Authors: Čapek, Kafka, and Hašek

Pavel Usanov (Hayek Institute, Saint-Petersburg): Murray Rothbard as a historian of Economic Thought


F. A. Hayek, Spontanneous Order and Socialism

Tomas Kristofory (Erasmus University Rotterdam): The Aim and the Point of Hayek's The Fatal Conceit

Piotr Szafruga (Jagiellonian University): Spontaneous Order and Political Science 

Eduard Braun (Clausthal University of Technology): Is socialism an individualistic ideology?


Anarchism, Minarchism

Marino Varricchio (CEVRO Institute): Of pirates and vikings:  Mancur Olson, (small) organized groups, and the economics of anarchy

Emy Sri Reskiyah (Jagiellonian University): The Contest within Libertarianism: Between Anarcho-capitalism and Minarchism

Bartosz Gradecki (King's College London):  Nozick's Failure as the Ultimate Defeat of Minarchism


Economic Development

Ana Azevedo (Universidade Católica Portuguesa):  "Threats and opportunities of significant unbalance between maritime and land dimensions of small countries"

Linda Glawe (University of Hagen): The Role of Institutional Quality and Human Capital for Economic Growth Across Chinese Provinces - A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Atharv Desai (University of Nottingham): The Political Economy of Indian Agriculture and the contribution of Shard Joshi's Shetkari Sanghatna

Economic Policies

Arkadiusz Sieroń (University of Wrocław): Should we be Afraid of Zombioes? Monetary Policy and Resource Allocaiton

Petr Špecián (Charles University): Internalities and the Anti-Psychological State

Youliy Ninov: An Alternative view on Saving and Investment from an Austrian economics perspective



Josef Montag (Charles University): Does homeownership hinder labor market activity? Evidence from housing privatization and restitution in Brno

Karsten Mause (University of Muenster): Delegation and Democratic Control: Can Independent Regulatory Agencies become too independent?

Dušan Tříska (CEVRO Institute): Graphical  and Analytical Representaiton of a Contract  - lessons taken from economics 


Special Interests and Social Norms

Ad van Riet (UNU-CRIS): Monetary Policy and Unnatural low Interest Rates: Secular Stagnation or Financial Repression

Jan Broulík (Charles University): Cultural Capture of Competition Policy by Business Interest

Marek Hudík (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University): Endogenous Instability of Social Norms



Christopher Hartwell (Bournemouth University): Financialization: Right Problem, Wrong Culprit

Jordan Moore (Rowan University): Optimal Investment Management for Prospect Theory Investors

Dominik Stroukal (CEVRO Institute): Refuting the Bitcoin's growing energy problem 



Erika Pini (Université Catholique de Louvain): Economic inequality, political polarization and voter turnout

Alexander Rakviashvili (Free University of Tbilisi): Monetary policy and wealth inequality

Neha Tengur (Newcastle University): Do Governments Target Particular Social and Income Groups in the Run-Up to General Elections?


Politics, Voting, Governance

Juan Carlos Ladines Azalia (University College of Cork):  Are the BRICS an Innovative Force for Change in Global Governance? A Case Study of the Role of the BRICS in Reforming the Global Economic Governance

Omer F. Baris (Nazarbayev University): ‘Good Enough’ Governance in the Post-Soviet Eurasia

Madhu Rao (Bridgewater State University): Shaping of America by Specialty Occupation Immigrants (or H-1B visa) in the Information Technology Sector