Tuitions and Fees

PPE - Philosophy, Politics, Economics (Mgr./MA)

International students
(outside of CZ & SK)
EUR 8400*
(for the whole program#)
CZ & SK 
(Home students)
EUR 5000*
(for the whole program#)

*The CEVRO Institute would like to encourage students  to come to Prague regardless of their financial circumstances.The scholarships  we offer are awarded on merit and/or on financial need. Applications are invited especially from those with a strong academic background.  

# Note that the PPE program can be completed in three trimesters, i.e. one year. Studying in trimesters saves time and money. It gives you the same student learning experience as a semester model but you will complete your Master's program  in a shorter time. It saves you money not only because you will find a good job with a new degree sooner but you will save on other costs as well such as staying in accommodation in Prague for the full-year and one year only (as opposed to leaving Prague over the summer period and get back after summer break).

 Bitcoin accepted

EBP - Economics, Business, Politics (Bc./BA)

All Students          

CZK  40.000  for half-a-year

(i.e. 6 x  CZK 40.000 ~ EUR 8600  for the whole BA program)